Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Enclosures, stickers

The HOlidays are around the corner. People are already out shopping early and some have even started thinking about how they will wrap their adorable gifts this year! These darling enclosures or stickers will make your packages even cuter!!

Square enclosure cards are 24 for $12.50
Rectangle cards are 24 for $13.00
Square stickers are 24 for $12.50
Round stickers are 24 for $12.50
Rectangle Polka dot gift cards


Chevron Rectangle gift card

Red stripe rectangle gift enclosure

green damask

 green plaid

chevron vertical gift enclosure

square dot card

red and white gingham square card

red and white quatrefoil

red and white chevron sqaure

large red and white dot square

tiny dot square

skinny chevy square

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