Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Notes

As we approach the Holiday Season it is time to stock up on your note cards! It is important that thank those that have been so generous to give you a gift! You can also use these as holiday cards for those of you that don't send holiday photo cards! I can make them in holiday colors and your correspondence can be about the holidays and what you and yours have been up to this past year!

Stationery also makes a great gift or stocking stuffer and for $12.50 for a 10 pack you won't go broke for a personalized gift for someone. Everyone loves to see their name or monogram so why note share the gift of personalized paper!

Each set comes packaged with a beautiful matching bow and you can add a matching personalized pen for $10.00
These are a few of my latest designs that have been popular and some of my faves!!

It is also a wonderful time to teach our children to thank those that so generously gave them holiday gifts!!

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